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Certified Products


Certified Fruit Juiced and Purees

Our engagement to Fairtrade stems from the early days fruit juices were incorporated to the Fairtrade system, in 1999. Our permanent mission during these years has been to locate and secure high quality Fairtrade production bases of Fruit Juices and Purees, locate and encourage markets to adopt Fairtrade fruit beverages, organize and provide the means for supplying the fruit beverage industry with regular supplies of high quality raw-materials.


Certified Fruit Juiced and Purees

Our premium quality Rainforest Alliance Orange Juices (Concentrated and NFC) are made of fruit from state of the art farms, produced under environmentally sustainable conditions with social responsibility. The fruit production and the processing are audited by IMAFLORA Institute and certified by Sustainable Farm Certification (SFC).

Certified Products Fairtrade Skal Organic Certified Rainforest Alliance Certified


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